Lucas, Ohio

Welcome to Lucas, Ohio!

Nestled in Richland County’s rolling hills, Lucas is a charming village on State Route 39. Discover its revitalized storefronts and rich history, linked to Louis Bromfield and Johnny Appleseed.

Experience family-friendly activities such as visiting Malabar Farm, exploring Mohican State Forest, and enjoying the village’s natural beauty. With a strong community spirit and excellent public schools, Lucas offers a peaceful and inviting environment for everyone.

Discover Lucas, Ohio

Explore Lucas, Ohio, where history and nature blend beautifully. Visit Malabar Farm State Park, once home to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Louis Bromfield, and enjoy its scenic trails and historic tours. Discover Mohican State Forest for additional outdoor adventures and stunning natural landscapes.

Wander through the charming downtown with its restored shops, and drive leisurely through the rolling hills. With a tight-knit community, top-notch schools, and plenty to explore, Lucas offers a wonderful quality of life for residents.

Living in Lucas, Ohio, means enjoying history, nature, and a strong community. With its quaint downtown, great schools, and attractions like Malabar Farm State Park, Lucas offers a peaceful yet vibrant lifestyle. Discover the warmth of small-town living and the quality of life that Lucas residents love.