Loudonville, Ohio

Welcome to the Village of Loudonville, Ohio

Welcome to the vibrant village of Loudonville, Ohio! Nestled within the charming counties of Ashland and Holmes, Loudonville may be small, but it’s bursting with character. Here, community spirit runs deep, as locals rally around their beloved high school and proudly display the Redbirds mascot at every turn. From cheering on the home team to supporting local businesses, Loudonville residents exemplify tight-knit camaraderie and hometown pride.

What to do in Loudonville

As the “Canoe Capital of Ohio” Loudonville has outdoor adventures! You’ll find canoe liveries, outdoor rope courses, slacklining and multiple hiking trails through Mohican. The area is well known to nature and outdoor enthusiasts.

In downtown Loudonville you’ll find idyllic charm and a variety of local businesses to explore.

Whether you’re craving a taste of history, exploring diverse eateries, or seeking outdoor adventures like hiking and canoeing, Loudonville, Ohio offers something for every palate and passion.