Crestline, Ohio

Crestline History

If you like trains, Crestline, Ohio has an interesting history in that regard. Before it became officially a town in 1858, the village of Crestline built its first Union Station in 1854 and was a railroad hub for the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad (then known as the Bee Line) and the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne and Chicago Railroad (later called the Pennsylvania Railroad, or PRR). Where these two railroads crossed at that time was known as The Big Four Diamonds. The meeting of these railroads made Crestline integral to the growth of the railroads and the village due to Crestline’s highly skilled mechanics who performed maintenance on a majority of the diesel locomotive engines. However, in the 1960s, a new facility was built near Pittsburgh which resulted in the scaling back of operations in Crestline. The trains still travel through Crestline today, but the Union Station is long gone and the PRR roundhouse – located near the village’s city pool – is a skeleton of its former self.

For more history and photos of Crestline’s railroad days you can visit the Crestline PRR Engine Facility website or the Crestline Ohio Historical Society open the 1st and 3rd full weekend of each month (2:00 – 4:00 Saturday & Sunday) to view photos of Crestline and relics.


When you want to enjoy the sunshine, spend an afternoon at the Crestline Swimming Pool or watch a little league baseball game at the ball diamonds next to the pool!

Then, just as the weather starts to cool, the Crestline Harvest Festival begins! Normally held the 2nd or 3rd weekend in September, the Harvest Festival promises fun for the whole family with rides, carnival games, craft shows, contests, pageants, parades, food, and a beer tent with live entertainment. What a way to enjoy Crestline!