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Matt Trittschuh

Matt Trittschuh

About Matt

Matt Trittschuh lives by a motto: Take care of the community and the community will take care of you.
Today, this Lexington man is well known for his impressive philanthropic efforts, much of which he delivers through his own business, the Matt Trittschuh Insurance Agency.
Becoming a real estate agent seemed inevitable to Matt.
In addition to purchasing and flipping an older home, Matt and his wife designed and built their current home and works with homes and homeowners day in and day out through his insurance agency of 12 years.
“It all co-mingles,” Matt said. “I’ve always had an interest in real estate – and I love helping to take care of people.”
When questioned about his life and career, there was an underlying message Matt continued to stress: “I just want people to know how much I care about my family and friends. I especially want to thank my wife for all of her love and support. We’re taking on a lot in our lives and everything is truly a team effort. I know I’ll be leaning on her even more now.”
Between Matt and his wife, Anitra, the couple has six children.
“It’s kind of like the Brady Bunch at our house, which is why we built our home to accommodate all of our children,” he said, noting that he’d particularly love to help real estate clients looking to do the same.
A dozen years ago, when Matt changed careers from Chase Bank to owning and operating his insurance company, he said he was tired of corporate America, desired more control of the time he could give to his family and wanted to be able to give back more to his community.
“I could do that with my own business,” he said.
Matt is a Mansfield native, graduating from Madison Comprehensive High School in 1996 and then from the Ohio State University, in 2002, with a B.A. in Sociology. He currently lives in Lexington where his kids have attended the last 11 years. His wife also teaches in the district.
When he’s not working, Matt said he is heavily involved in youth sports.
A coach for 28 years, Matt said youth sports “saved him from being the kid you read about.”
“I take pride in that and look out for troubled underprivileged kids,” he said. “Youth sports is my true passion outside of work. That’s my place of peace. When we’re at a practice or a game, that’s all we focus on. That’s what I tell the kids. We don’t think about anything else. That’s our “sanctuary.”
Matt said he chose Sluss primarily because two of the insurance agents at his office, also happen to be real estate agents at Sluss, and spoke highly of our company.
“Watching what you do for your agents, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else,” he said.