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Laura Swihart

Laura Swihart

About Laura

Laura Swihart proudly says her work ethic stems from growing up on a dairy farm.

This Johnsville-based agent just met her goal of $5 million in real estate transactions, and today Laura said she loves splitting her time between still working hard on her family’s farm and helping real estate clients all over North Central Ohio.

“I just really like working with people,” Laura said. “I used to work as a physical therapist assistant, and real estate in that you’re out there helping people – just in a different sense. I love helping people fulfill their dreams.”

Laura said working with first-time homebuyers is one of her favorite aspects of the job.

“What makes me a great agent is the fact that I’m personable. I communicate well and I explain things well,” she said. “I’m also very organized.”

And while she doesn’t live on a dairy farm any longer, Laura absolutely loves her family’s hobby farm.

“My husband calls it my ‘Funny Farm,’” she joked. “We have miniature donkeys, goats…sometimes we have sheep – we no longer have ducks – rest in peace. There’s so much joy in owning a farm. If you’re feeling depressed or having a bad day, you just go to the barn and they’ll instantly make you feel better.”

With her passion for animals, Laura said it’s always extra exciting when a buyer tells her they are interested in purchasing a farm of their own. It’s an area she’s very well versed and knowledgeable about and she loves helping those clients make very educated decisions.

Although she predominantly serves Morrow County, Laura said she works all over Richland, Knox, Delaware, Crawford and Marion counties.

When she’s not working and spending time on her farm, Laura said her time is dedicated to her close-knit family.

“I come from a very large family,” she said. “My dad is one of nine.”

Laura said she’s fortunate that everyone is very family-oriented and make efforts to spend a lot of time together. Her siblings even do a big family breakfast once a month.

When asked about why she wanted to come to Sluss, she highlighted “community involvement and office camaraderie.”