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Heather Stover

Heather Stover

About Heather

Heather Stover is one of the most highly regarded agents in North Central Ohio.
Amongst many accolades and awards, just last year, Heather received the 2022 Award of Excellence, one of the highest awards set by the Ohio REALTORS for achieving sales in excess of $10 million.
“What is quite humbling for me is that every year, I’ve been blessed with more business, selling more than I did previously,” Heather said. “And I have worked so hard for my clients. I was never handed business; I went out and earned it. My business has come from word of mouth and referrals from past clients. And what that says to me is that I’m doing this right. I’m taking care of my clients the way that I should be. I’m getting repeat clients – parents who tell their kids, ‘You can only work with Heather Stover because I trust her.’ When someone says, ‘You’re the only realtor I’ll ever work with,’ that is success to me. I believe my mindset makes all the difference, I am not a pesky salesperson, I provide a professional service to my clients on their terms. It’s always about them, not me.”
Heather got licensed in 2017 and sold over $2 million within just her first year of real estate.
“Since the third or fourth grade, this was just something that always appealed to me,” Heather said. “I was always really intrigued by the uniqueness of different homes. I used to pick up those home brochures with all the listings outside the grocery stores and be enthralled by the descriptions of the homes. I was especially excited when they provided a full-page floor plan.”
From working in ministry at Crossroads Church and Mosaic Church to management and sales at Koorsen Fire and Security, Heather said she was finally led to real estate.
Feeling a need for change, when she asked a pastor friend of hers if he knew anyone hiring or any positions open, he responded, “I always thought you’d be great in real estate.”
Coincidentally, when she reached out to a female friend from college at Mount Vernon Nazarene and asked the same question, her friend told her that she was actually taking real estate classes herself at the time. Her friend also shared that the program was getting ready to start online classes, which would have been very convenient for Heather.
“I thought, ‘Is this the universe trying to tell me something?’” she said with a laugh.
Once she got licensed, Heather was off and running.
“I enjoy serving my clients most of all,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to provide the best possible service to people who were ready to buy or sell. I’ve always made myself available whenever my clients need me. I think that’s a misconception people have about being an agent. They think it’s so flexible and you can work when you want. Well, not when you’re really taking care of people. I’m taking phone calls at 10 o’clock at night sometimes. And that’s just natural for me – taking care of people when they need me. It was quite a switch to go from set office hours to making myself available all day, every day, but it works for me because I’m wired that way. My brain never stops.”
Heather said her natural instinct to care for others comes from a combination of being a naturally nurturing person and being influenced by her faith.
“Jesus was a servant, and that is the same mindset that is instilled in me,” she said. “My faith has always played a huge role in how I interact with others; patient, understanding, and attentive to needs.”
What else makes Heather an incredible agent?
“I’m a problem solver,” she said. “I love a challenge and I do whatever I can to solve them. What I also love about this job is making that phone call to tell my clients, ‘We got it’ when they’re buying a home. When an offer is accepted, I am ear-to-ear smiling with excitement for my clients. It’s one of the greatest feelings ever to see their joy in that moment.”
Outside of real estate, Heather loves spending time with her family. She and Wes share five teenagers and feel extremely blessed in this fun-filled season of life.
Together, they enjoy cooking new recipes, hiking, playing tennis, home projects, sporting events, and family game nights.
Two of the top reasons Heather said she chose Sluss was having the support of our large office staff and unmatched marketing to better serve her clients.