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Trinity Stevens

Trinity Stevens

About Trinity

Trinity Stevens said shopping for her own home last year was a huge contributor to her decision to become a real estate agent.

“I loved the experience,” Trinity said enthusiastically. “It was really fun to tour all the houses. I loved watching (Sluss agent) Aubrey (Snow) connect with other agents from different brokerages. I just really enjoyed it.”

Trinity has also served as a customer representative for the last two years at Warren Rupp, Inc. and when she’s not working, she enjoys riding horses and working on her family farm, she also enjoys shooting photography.

A 2021 Clear Fork graduate, Trinity said she’s always lived in the area and is looking forward to serving her hometown. 

“I know a lot about the area and really enjoy bringing people here,” she said. “There is so much potential and growth here. So many opportunities. I’m looking forward to seeing the excitement from clients. That is what will make my job as an agent worth it.”

Trinity said she started following Sluss on Facebook when she was shopping with Aubrey and knew this is where she wanted to start her career.

“I just feel like Sluss stands out more than any other brokerage,” she said. “I really like the marketing and love how you’re always showing off your agents and their achievements. I also really appreciate how much you guys give back to your community. I’m very excited to be a part of the team.”

And we’re thrilled to have you! Welcome, Trinity!