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Julie Schnuerer

Julie Schnuerer

About Julie

Julie Schnuerer is following in her mom’s talented footsteps…

“My mom was a multi-million dollar producer when I was in Junior High and I really enjoyed going with her to open houses and watching her work,” Julie said proudly of her mother, Joyce Ink. “What I loved the most was just seeing my mom in action with her southern charm and just watching her make people so comfortable and being so transparent. I think I’ve continued that legacy with my other jobs, and I’m really looking forward to continuing that here as an agent.”

Julie said she and her husband of 26 years, Cory, have had the nicknames “Chip and Joanna” for many years.

“We are always working on new projects and these projects tend to be in homes that need to be rehabbed or even completely rebuilt,” she said. “We are currently working on a home that was a fire loss which has brought many new areas of adventure!”

Julie said she has always had a love for design and decorating, and has truly had a love for the real estate industry for as long as she can remember. Becoming an agent was very much a natural next step.

“My family has always been a huge place of support for me and right now they are so excited for me,” Julie said. “My mother stated, ‘It’s about time,’ because everyone has known I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

Julie also loves staging and event planning and is extremely detail oriented and organized – these qualities will undoubtedly make her a strong agent.

“I feel these particular elements of my personality and character will be valuable assets that I will offer every one of my clients to maximize their experience and benefit their sales and buying needs,” she said, noting that this is what she believes sets her apart.

When she’s not working, Julie said she loves spending time with Cory (also her high school sweetheart!), and their three wonderful kids: Isaac and his wife Mckenzie; Olivia and her husband Collin, and their youngest Caleb who just graduated high school!

Julie has also served alongside Cory in full-time ministry for the last 13 years, while also working full-time in various management positions.

“I truly enjoy honest, hard work and am not afraid to roll my sleeves up to get things done,” she said. “My faith and love for God are very important to me and I will always consider my walk with Him my highest calling. My family is also very important to me. We love spending time together, going on family vacations, family cookouts and just being near one another. I have always been told that I ‘love fiercely’ and that I am extremely loyal to the people in my life – and I won’t deny it!”