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Melissa Rice

Melissa Rice

About Melissa

Melissa Rice worked as a professional interior designer from 2008-2017, with CCA Global and WCCV Flooring, but continues to utilize this skill to benefit her clients as much as possible. She shared a story once of working with sellers with a more unique taste. She shared with them what she could sell their home for without making any changes, but then shared what it would cost to make their home more neutral and make some additional changes, and what the increase in profit would be if they chose to do so.
The couple took her advice and ended up closing with significantly more than what they would have made otherwise.
Melissa also worked in the mortgage division with Huntington Bank and quickly realized that adding a real estate license to her impressive resume would be the final perfect step in her journey.
In 2019, Melissa got her license and has been building relationships ever since.
 “The people are what I love most about this business,” she said. “I make friends with my clients and I have lasting relationships with them to this day. I think every situation is unique and every individual you meet is unique, so I wouldn’t say any one moment has been a highlight. So many situations have been special. It’s not about selling them a house, it’s the feeling you get when you finally bring them home.”
Melissa grew up in Mifflin and graduated from Hillsdale High School and the Ohio State University.
She is married to Mike Rice, whom she married in 2019, but whom she’s known her whole life. Together they have four boys.