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Daequan Owens

Daequan Owens

About Daequan

Daequan Owens is a Mansfield Senior High school grad and said he found a passion for real estate after an experience in his high school construction class where he helped sell a class project.

Daequan also enjoys learning, reading, and studying everything from fixing cars to trading stocks, and now real estate!

“I’ve always really enjoyed everything about stocks,” he said, noting that he’s been studying the market for about 10 years. “Right now I’m learning about mutual funds.”

When asked what makes him a good agent, Daequan immediately responded, “My heart.”

Daequan has a 1½-year-old son and a fiancee, Alijah, who was his high school sweetheart. He also loves dogs and has a pitbull named Taz.