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Crystal Keller

Crystal Keller

About Crystal

Crystal Keller has been a licensed agent for five years.

“When I started, I really wanted to do something different,” Crystal said. “I had a friend working in real estate and my boyfriend was also working in the industry.”

Crystal shared that she had been a stay-at-home mom for 13 years, but was ready to get back into the workforce.

A graduate of Crestline High School, Crystal said she had actually taken two quarters of classes in the nursing program at North Central State College, but after adopting her oldest daughter, she felt like staying at home was the right move at the time.

Today, Crystal is not only back in school to complete the RN program, but is ready to take her real estate career to the next level.

She shared that she has always loved working with friends and family, but is now ready to really put herself out there and expand her reach.

“I’m just ready to do a little more for me,” she said. “My youngest gets his license next month. I’m not taking any time away from my kids. I’m just ready for more.”

After learning about Crystal’s background, it was clear that she already has a lot of amazing people in her network.

Two decades ago, Crystal’s grandmother purchased Granny’s Kitchen, previously in Crestline, now in Galion.

“I was about 10 years old, and it’s just been my entire family,” she said. “We’ve almost all worked there. All of my children have worked there. My mom bought it from her seven years ago. It’s just been super important to all of us. We love the close relationships with our customers. Some come in three times a day, which is incredible.”

Crystal said closing days have always been her favorite as an agent.

“I love it. I get really wrapped up in my clients’ excitement,” she said. “I love first-time homebuyers. They’re super exciting to work with. I love my investor clients. I think it’s so smart to have rental properties and that extra income coming in. I love being a part of that. While I like listings of course I really like working with buyers. I feel like I’m really good with communicating with people and feeling their emotions. I go through everything right along with them.  If they don’t get an offer accepted – if something comes back from the bank and they’re super stressed out – I feel that, too. If they’re super excited, I feel the same way.”

And what an asset she has in her pocket. Crystal proudly shared that her boyfriend of six years has been a licensed appraiser for over 20 years.

“We bounce things off of each other a lot,” she said. “I’ve gone on appraisals with him, so I’ve seen that side of things. If an appraisal comes back and my clients have questions, I can go to him and ask him. He goes on all of my listing appointments with me, so it’s great for sellers to hear from him.”

When she’s not working, Crystal loves to run and spend time with her boyfriend and kids ages 21, 19, 17 and 15.

“I just really love people. I’m open to going anywhere and I’m just looking forward to helping even more clients,” she said.