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About Kim

A Willard native and Shelby resident, Kim Kaple said real estate had always been the perfect fit for her.

I’ve always loved looking at different houses and getting ideas – and my husband had told me, ‘I think this would be the perfect job for you because you talk to EVERYONE,’ she said with a laugh.

Kim got licensed in 2019 and quickly realized he was right. Once, she even sold 12 houses in a single month.

I just love all the people and the families and matching them with the right home, she said. I love them all – whether they’re looking to start life, retire or anything in between.

It was easy to see the patience and care Kim exuded when she shared an experience she had with a pair of buyers.

I once had two teachers who were looking for a home, and we had been looking for a good 8-10 months when they finally thought they found the right one – but I said, ‘But where are you going to put a Christmas tree?’ The little things are important, and it was just something I noticed and had to mention, Kim said. So, our search continued and probably took another 3-4 months, but we finally found the right house – with room for a Christmas tree. Everything I do with real estate is how I would handle things with my own kids and parents. I would always want the best fit for my family and that’s how I treat my clients.

Kim has five kids, ranging from 12 to 25 years old, and said the family is heavily involved in sports with a lot of AAU traveling.

The family loves to travel and vacation, with Kim’s current destination favorite being the Cayman Islands.

Kim also works for The Cru, a Mansfield Medspa clinic, where she works with over 350 weight loss patients.

Oh, I absolutely love my patients and the relationships I’m building with them, she said. It’s such a fun place to work.