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Amy Hershey

Amy Hershey

About Amy

Amy Hershey couldn’t be any warmer, friendlier or more professional – and the icing on the cake?

She stressed: “I’m a person of integrity. That is very important to me. My good name is important to me. I won’t do anything to sully my reputation – even for money. I’m also one of the hardest working people I know, and I genuinely care about people. I want my clients to become my friends.”

Amy got her real estate license two years ago and has been working in the Cleveland market.

Just recently, Amy has moved back to her hometown of Mansfield.

She shared that through her work as a real estate agent, she has also worked as a professional stager, which will remain a huge asset to her clients.

“I was fortunate that I’ve had a natural knack for it,” she said. “I’ve moved around a lot and decorated my homes a lot, and I just have an eye for color and space – and what makes a space look open and inviting. I love taking the end results. It’s exciting for me to take a diamond in the rough and make it shine.”

When asked what she loves about being an agent, Amy said, “I like helping people through some of the biggest life changes they’ll ever experience. Your home is your biggest investment and there’s a lot of emotions and memories attached. Sometimes selling it can be heartbreaking as sometimes it’s a death or divorce situation. It takes some special skills to handle those situations the right way. I love the people aspect of this job. First-time homebuyers are also really fun. I love helping someone who didn’t think they could get into a home realize that they could.”

Amy grew up in Mansfield, graduated from Crestview High School and then served in the US Army for six years where she traveled the world.

“I would have stayed in longer, but then I got pregnant with my son and I wanted to just focus on raising my family,” she said.

And what experiences she gave them!

An education major from the Ohio State University, Amy went on to homeschool all four of her children and even lived in Europe for many years where they got an incredible cultural education.

Amy lived in Cleveland full-time for the last several years, but is now thrilled to be moving back to the area.

“It just feels like coming home,” she said. “I’m looking forward to spending more time with local family and reconnecting with old friends. It’s familiar and comfortable. I have lots of good memories here.”

When asked what she loves to do when she’s not working, she said traveling and spending time outdoors and with family.

When asked why she chose Sluss, Amy said, “You guys are so nice. You (marketing director Jami Kinton-Sluss) and Grant were so welcoming and personable and professional – and out of everyone I talked to, I felt the most comfortable here.”