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Adam Fisher

Adam Fisher

About Adam

For Adam Fisher, life is about family and community – and it’s those top priorities that also make him an incredible real estate agent.
Adam’s interest in the industry arose in 2005 when he and his wife, Jessica, were buying a home of their own.
“We had a great experience from start to finish, and that really intrigued me,” Adam said. “I got really into Open Houses and seeing the latest styles and trends in homes. It’s for those same reasons that I still love showing houses today. Even after we bought our home, I still enjoyed looking at the homes every Sunday in the News Journal and those weekly magazines at the time.”
It would come as no surprise that by 2010, Adam had become a licensed real estate agent.
“What made my personal experience so great were several things. I appreciated the flexibility of how the job worked. If we couldn’t see a house until 7 p.m., our agent would make it happen,” he said. “What also really impressed me was that he was negotiating a house for us on Super Bowl Sunday – literally during the game. We were counter-offering during the game. That was really something, and I wanted people to have that same positive feeling and experience working with me.”
In addition to real estate, Adam spent 16 years working as the Director of Operations at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, before turning his focus to selling insurance at Matthew Trittschuh Insurance Agency.
While he raved about his experience at Mid-Ohio, Adam said the love and commitment to his family caused him to choose both insurance and real estate as his career focuses, allowing him the time to put his family first.
“I take pride in the fact that I have two professional licenses in the state of Ohio,” he said. “They definitely co-exist and intermingle with each other. It’s all about building relationships and providing the best customer service you can. If you don’t know something someone is asking you, you find out for them.”
Adam said taking a personal interest in his clients is a must.
“I like people and getting to know them, how they got here, where they’re from, what’s important to them,” he said. “I want to know the ‘why.’ Are you relocating for a job? Are you coming for the family? Once you figure out the why, it opens up other points of conversation and ways I can help them. If I find out they’re relocating for a job, I think about who I can call and connect them with. If someone says they need flooring, I think, Who do I know that I can get to help them? I use my network to provide resources for people. I want them to have a great experience. I want to be that person someone talks about who answered their phone and helped them on Super Bowl Sunday.”
A 2001 Lexington High School grad, Adam said he takes a lot of pride in living in the area his whole life and raising his two kids here with his wife.
“To serve this area – it’s full circle for me,” he said. “Some of the houses I’m selling, I played in as a kid. To be able to help my friends or classmates or their families buy or sell homes, that’s really special to me.”
When he’s not working, Adam said he’s “chasing my kids.”
“If it’s not a soccer game, it’s a dance competition or a pageant,” he said. “There’s definitely always something going on.”
He’s also an avid Buckeyes and Browns fan.
“There’s so much to love here in our community,” he said passionately. “It’s small enough that you get to know so many people, and you hate to say it, but when there’s a crisis situation and you see how our community rallies, that’s when you know you’re in the right spot. We love it here. We love raising our family here, and I’m looking forward to helping as many people here as I can.”