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Deanna Fishbaugh

Deanna Fishbaugh

About Deanna

Well known for two very successful small businesses, Deanna Fishbaugh is now pouring all of her talents into helping others achieve the American dream as a Sluss Realty agent!

After working in management for Walmart in Ontario and Norwalk, and responsible for significant improvements in both locations, Deanna was ready to venture out on her own.

Initially on Park Avenue West in downtown Mansfield, she started Downtown Nutrition, a company which provided special shakes and teas.

“When I was on my lunch break in Norwalk, I’d go to Maple City Nutrition and drank the shakes and teas there,” she said. “I was newly postpartum and lost 100 pounds. I became inspired to help other people do the same, and I wanted financial freedom.”

Business was not good in her first location, so she eventually moved to West Fourth Street beside Tara’s Floral Expressions, taking over The Chill, a former ice-cream shop.

Deanna created a new tea and coffee menu, and began selling like crazy.

“I self taught myself how to market and create good content,” she said. “After being successful on West Fourth, I decided to open up a second location in Shelby.”

That second location was called The Chill and flourished as well.

“Two years later, I met my husband and we married and I got pregnant with my third,” she said. “I just knew that it was a good time to get out and sell.”

Unfortunately, the new owner wasn’t able to sustain and both have since closed.

“That experience taught me how to lead a team,” she said. “People were so important to me. I always made people feel like they mattered, whether they worked for me or were customers. It taught me so much about customer service and retention. Now I’m looking forward to putting everything I learned into myself, practicing all my skills and pouring all of my love into my real estate clients.”

 Deanna shared that she had done a Bible study, where she was asked to write down 30 things from her life that brought her joy. After combining her passion for marketing, videography and homes, real estate was the clear path, and she went after the career with full force.

In just 15 days, she completed the Hondros program.

“I did it around the clock, day and night,” she said. “I loved it. What I’m looking forward to the most is literally all of it. I’m so excited to work here and just be a part of the team atmosphere that you guys have created. I’m looking forward to working with my clients and getting to know new people and just helping them. I love to help people. I’ve always struggled with the fact that I was made for more than what I was doing and I truly felt like God led me here to help others.”

After interviewing brokerages, Deanna said Sluss was a no brainer.

“I was seeing how much you guys do in the community and I’ve always had a desire to give back,” she said. “I was actually so certain that I was going to go to another brokerage until I saw what you guys were doing and then came and talked to you. Your social media, your team – I wanted to be a part of all of it.”

Deanna is a mom of three, Hardin, 1, Remi, 6, and Ava, 11. She has a husband, Chance, who is a Willard firefighter and EMT.

“I want my clients to feel like family,” she said. “I want them to know that I will do anything and everything for them to help them achieve their goals. I’m here to make them comfortable and have fun along the process with my silly personality. I want them to feel loved and know that even after the transaction is over, I will be here for them!”