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Brooklynn Dille

Brooklynn Dille

About Brooklynn

For Brooklynn Dille, there’s no better aspect of real estate than building relationships.
“I love working with people and really getting to know and help them,” Brooklynn said. “It’s such an amazing feeling to see how happy they are when they move into that new home. I always follow up with them and love when they send me pictures of what they’ve done. Building those relationships is so important.”
Multi-talented, Brooklynn also loves home remodeling and shares her skills with real estate clients.
“My parents bought a house after we graduated and completely gutted and rebuilt it from the ground up,” she said. “I loved watching them design it and anything we’ve done in our own personal house, we did it ourselves. It’s always more satisfying when you can do the work yourself. I’m pretty knowledgeable when it comes to things like this and when I go into houses, I love giving my clients ideas of what they can do with the space.”
Brooklynn and her family live in Galion, with her children attending Ontario schools, but she grew up in Marion.
Her experiences make her an incredibly well-rounded agent and she loves getting to work in several areas.
When she’s not working, Brooklynn enjoys spending time with her family.
“We have cookouts all the time,” she said. “My mom, my stepdad, my aunts, cousins – we all like to get together all the time. I’m very family-oriented. There’s nothing better than grilling out together, playing cornhole and just being together.”
She is also really passionate about animals and loves taking care of 30 chickens, four cows, three dogs and a cat.