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Kelli Chinn

Kelli Chinn

About Kelli

A genuine love for people and a true talent for sales led Kelli Chinn to real estate.

The 2000 Madison Comprehensive High School graduate became a licensed agent in 2019.

“Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be in real estate,” she said. “So the couple I just worked with fostered over 80 children through their home. They’re amazing, and the experience with them was probably one of the most challenging and most fun that I’ve had. I just really enjoyed getting to know them and learning about them. I actually just came from helping them program cameras in their new home. That’s what is really fun for me – just getting to help people.”

Kelli humbly noted that the agent whom she worked with on the deal, from another brokerage, mentioned to her that he could tell how hard she was working for her clients.

“He said he could tell I was just really pulling for them,” she said. “I guess kindness and care just really go a long way – and it never hurts to ask. If this is what they want, and we can get it for them, let’s do it.”

Kelli has two sons, ages 8 and 4, who she proudly shared, are her world.

“I love to spend time with my kids,” she said enthusiastically. “My boys are just really fun and love the outdoors. My oldest wants to fish and clean and cook them – he wants to do it all. I bought a camper two years ago and we have spent a lot of our free time camping and going to different state campgrounds. My baby is 4, and he will hike in 2 degrees. He loves it, and it’s fun to find trails that he can do. We go to Malabar Farm a lot and have picnics. If they can find worms and bugs, they’re happy!”

Additionally, Kelli has worked for the Matthew Trittschuh Insurance Agency selling insurance since 2016. Kelli works with everything from life insurance to home, auto, and commercial, and expressed how much she enjoys her work life in this capacity as well.

“It’s really fun and things are always changing,” she said. “There’s always something new to learn and always room to grow.”