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Quincey Bowens

Quincey Bowens

About Quincey

A strong desire to continuously better himself, coupled with his good-natured personality and work ethic, will undoubtedly make Quincey Bowens an incredible agent.

Quincey’s journey to real estate is an impressive one. Growing up in Detroit, this Lexington father of four said his goal was to move into a better area.

“I basically wanted to re-learn everything,” he said. “I took a lot of time to read – everything. I once read that the average CEO reads 50-60 books a year and that’s what I’m trying to do. I wanted to better myself. I want to set a good example for my family.”

At age 23, Quincey moved to Columbus and started three small businesses, including a trucking company, recording studio, and barbershop, which unfortunately did not survive COVID.

After researching areas with a great cost of living, Quincey moved to Lexington and met his wife, Felicia, who is a Shelby native.

“I’ve really enjoyed the small-town living,” he said. “I like the local grocery stores like Wayne’s Country Market.”

When he’s not working, Quincey enjoys stocks and investing, spending time with his family, and says he takes time nearly every day to do yoga, meditation, and work out.